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Since inception, 3P Mechatronics Group
has been totally focused on finding "Star" candidates for the Automation/Motion Control Industry.

3P Mechatronics Group (formerly EnginPro, SAMES Association, Compumotor/Parker CATCH) is the answer to growing the automation industry with the right talent. We have access to thousands of graduating engineering candidates from the finest colleges and universities throughout North America.  Our profile is simple - we select from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering majors who have the engineering talent to become a valuable resource to either leading manufacturers or their distribution channel partners.  We have placed engineers over the past 30+ years.


We look for engineering “stars” with inner-confidence, ability to handle customer relationships, application engineering and systems.  These stars are hard to find but 3P Mechatronics Group has the winning formula to find them. An ideal candidate desiring to evolve to star status, essentially becomes a “triple-threat”.  This is someone who could be perfectly comfortable performing the tasks of an applications-engineer, evolve toward either systems-integration or consultative engineering positions.  

Katie Surkamer
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I began my career in the motion control industry in 1995 as a talent evaluator with SAMES Association. For over 30 years 800+ engineers have entered the motion control industry. It is my passion to match the best of the best graduating engineers with top notch companies in the industry.  Spending the time with each candidate and learning from them about their journeys and helping them get matched with the best of our clients is what has kept me energized about our business model and the entire industry.  So many engineers I have met from the early days have gone on to run or own their own motion control businesses and that is the greatest reward of all.

Kevin McNicholas
Client Relations
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I actually started my career in motion control at Warner Electric as a student co-op in 1973. When I joined Compumotor in 1988 their unique recruiting program was in its second year. In my role as Compumotor VP Sales/Marketing I was fortunate to hire 286 graduating engineers over the next eight years. This is a highlight of my career and we did nothing less than revolutionize market coverage, putting graduate engineers into the field and in many cases supporting them as they launched their own high tech distribution businesses. Kathleen and Pete Lindsay continued this successful talent acquisition business for another twenty years after I left Parker. Katie grew up in the business and she continues her Mom's legacy identifying and attracting the best and the brightest for her clients in motion control and machine automation.  If I can answer any question with respect to the traditions and tremendous historic success Katie represents, please feel free to inquire of me.

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